The E4 route Angouseliana-Spili is 14 kilometers long and its estimated time is approximately 4 hours.

The trail crosses the settlement of Katsogrida, bypasses the Atsipades village, passes through the Koksare village, crosses the Lower and Upper Miksorouma and Dariviana and terminates at Spili.

Following the road from Angouseliana to Palaioloutra, you will turn to the first offshoot of an asphalted road to its southeast direction. Passing through a large olive grove of the valley of Agios Vasileios and, after a 1.6 km course on an asphalted road, you will come to a small stream on your right hand and, after crossing the bridge and a walk on a dirt-road, which you will follow for 500 meters, you will get on the asphalted road again, which eventually will lead you to Koksare.

Continuing the route Angouseliana-Spili, from Koksare you will follow an asphalted road that leads south to Plakias and, after about 2 km, there is a rather indistinct dirt-road, which goes down to a stream. Crossing it, you will pass to its east bank and follow the dirt-road alongside the stream for about 300 meters. Then, you will turn right, following the course of the main dirt-road, initially heading east and then southeast. After about 1.5 km, you will see a small chapel to your right. Continue following the asphalt road for about 300 meters till the village Miksorouma and then the country road and you will reach Spili.

Every season is suitable to hike the route Angouseliana-Spili and it does not present any difficulty.

The route Angouseliana-Spili comes through the Kourtaliotis gorge.