The name (Holy Fire) comes from the church of Aghia Foteini next to the beach. An illustration of Francesco Basilicata (1618) is titled Spiaggia di Santa Lucia (the same, in Italian) and you can indeed make out this very same beach.

It is quiet and sheltered, with high cliffs, small pebbles and sand, as well as crystal-clear waters that drop away suddenly. Around it are many tall pines, tamarisks and olive trees.

The beach is reasonably well organized: apart from the sunbeds, umbrellas and showers, you will come across some tavernas and rent-rooms to make your stay comfortable – and a beach bar. On the beach are volley-ball courts: every July since 2000 a tournament is arranged. The bottom of the sea-bed is perfect for underwater exploration.

If when here you walk along to the east end, you will come across a spring of freshwater by a rock on the beach.

If you are on the lookout for a little peace and quiet, the well-named small bay of Galini (Serenity) is the very next one you meet, a mere stroll away from Aghia Fotia.